8 comments on “I’m Not Your Father’s Age

  1. My husband has never worn his wedding ring, except on occasions when we have “gone out on the town.” His excuse is it would hang up in farm equipment, and after he put his hand in the hay baler and his watch caught in it (it pulled him in up to his elbow but he is fine now), I guess it is a pretty good excuse.

  2. …I love your stories. I was going to try to comment on just one, but instead I’ll just say that you’re a great raconteur and hilarious and down-to-earth all at the same time. That is rare and fun.

    (oh and my husband doesn’t wear his ring when he’s working with machinery, like Dew’s–too dangerous–but when he’s doing sales and not in a factory, he assures me it’s always on his hand)

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