12 comments on “Where Were You When I Needed You

  1. I refuse to watch Adam Sandler movies. What a waste of space he is. I hope you and the Twins have some fun times between now and the end of the year.

  2. I’ve had short hair ever since I turned 24. That’s when I had a major break up and responded by cutting it off and dying it red. I’ve gone back to my natural light brown but I’m keeping it short because … well … I like it. Maybe this is why I’m still single.

    I bet Sir Paul would be proud to see that the twins took Michelle and MaBelle as their names. 😉

    And teeny bopper pop from that era really is fun. Grass Roots and Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds and the Buckinghams all have honored space on my iPod.

    • That’s the thing with short hair on a woman. They like it & they can’t understand why I guy doesn’t. I think you being single is because you want to be. You are way too nice, too smart and beautiful for it to be your hair.

  3. Adam Sandler is a complete turn off. I just can’t watch any more of him, either.
    Isn’t it too cold for the French twins to be laying about on the ground? Brrr!

  4. How in the world does Adam Sandler still keep getting movies?? The only marginally funny thing I can think of related to him is the Hanukkah song.

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