10 comments on “A Penny for Your Thoughts (Although They’re Way Overpriced)

  1. I say get that paper work done and move on with your life.
    I really did think about your dad with the Cubs this year. That is amazing that someone in Boston would be a Cubs fan. I thought that Bostonian’s were among the most faithful fans.

    Take care 🙂

  2. If I wasn’t a Cub fan, I’d be a Red Sox fan. Our history (aka suffering) and ballparks are so similar (except the Red Sox have made the World Series and Wrigley Field is sooooooooo much better). And thank you for running the photo of Joe. Next to Sir Paul’s, I think his is my favorite face in the world!

    Re the reader-supplied questions: I didn’t think they were any more interesting than the ones I come up with. But then again, I have a high opinion of myself. 🙂

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