13 comments on “And the Cowhands Won

  1. I have computer issues all summer with Windows 10. My Windows 7 ‘puter died about two days before 10 came out, so I bought a Dell with 8.1 on it, and upgraded as quickly as possible. Mistake. I have never had to perform a system restore so often in my life. And I’ve been messing with computers since Commodore brought out the Vic 20.

  2. You sound like you could use some cheering up. I hope Harvey Wallbanger and barhopping was a bit of fun for the moment. Debbie Does the Cowhands… lol.

  3. I’m kinda curious why Harvey moving in wouldn’t be good. Regardless, it’s good you figured it out before things got ugly! And I’m so glad you got your computer straightened out.

  4. I back up important stuff to an external hard drive. I sometimes will back that up too. It makes life so much easier when a computer dies. That really sucks when a computer dies on you too.
    There is nothing wrong about being single. At least you know when it is time to move on.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Your answer to #1 makes me want to dig up Lennon Remembers.

    Re: #9, I just wanted to make a point. I got SO TIRED of people being too cool for the meme. I ask if you have a favorite NBA team, and I get, “What’s the NBA?” Oh, bite me. I got dinged for asking a question that “sounds familiar,” and it had last been asked A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. I mean, really! People have been known to change their minds over an 18 month span. I asked (for Harriet, since he is to her what Clooney is to Kwiz) “what’s your favorite Paul Newman movie” and I got, “Sigh. Another movie question.” At any rate, I think the point has been made. It’s not that easy. The good news is, I did get a lot of good questions, that I will merrily use going forward.

  6. You’ve got to have a thick skin. Believe me I know. I called people out a few times in the comment section and either they “got it” or never came back. So it was a win-win.

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