15 comments on “I’ve Got Love in My Tummy

  1. Oh, my God! I also resurrected The Ohio Express for “Y.”

    When I ended a long-term, often stormy relationship, both my lover and his brother INSISTED I was either sleeping with someone else or at the very least had fallen for another man. Which was bullshit. I mean, here I was, trapped in a relationship with a man who was bedeviling me. The last thing I wanted was ANOTHER MAN! So that cluck who had your ear has no idea why women leave men. None. You were right not to listen.

  2. I had an Egg McMuffin for supper. It was just what I wanted when I didn’t want to fix something myself at home.

  3. At long last, it’s fixed. Way back when, you must have fought like a tiger to stay alive, so Congratulations on that! I almost died a year and a half ago, so know it’s not easy to do what you did! About your Dad. It is sad, but you also got to know a very good man for your father, and that is such a sweet gift in life. Take care!

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