8 comments on “In 1492, Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue

  1. I always suspected that the cheerleaders were giving blow jobs under the bleachers. They never admitted it but the boys certainly implied that was what was going on. I couldn’t be sure, though, since the boys were such liars in these matters. (For example, I have since learned that no, they don’t turn blue and no one dies from aborted backseat encounters.)

    That’s such a lovely tribute to your aunt. As a barren spinster myself, I hope my nephew comes through for me the way you did for her. You’re a good guy.

  2. Lovely tribute to your aunt. Like Gal, I have no children and often wonder who will be there in my elder years, aside from my husband. I close to two of my nephews, not so much with two others or my niece, which is a shame but not my choice. Generational family crap can be problematic. I am glad you’re back with Sat 9.

  3. I am celebrating #30 with my husband next week. I can’t believe that I’ve done anything for 30 years let alone being married to the same person. What would scare me is being single all of a sudden after being married for so long. Stuff happens. That’s life.

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