9 comments on “Orphan Black or Someone Who Looks Like Her

  1. Love, LOVE that vodka bottle. Me want!

    I love that your mind immediately went to blow jobs with Q1. You’re such a GUY (straight or otherwise). I was thinking of how many people I know who have trouble with smells and gag when cleaning up after their dogs, cats and children.

  2. This was kind of a dated stolen meme this week. I’m guessing that there are not a lot of new ones to choose from.
    I know what you mean by the facebook thing. I’m always glad to find someone who agrees with my views…..

  3. Well, I had to hit UrbanDictionary again while reading one of your posts, so you are so *completely* back.

    As my brother would say, “Yes, you are smart. Mouthed.” (Assed if mom wasn’t around) 😀

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