12 comments on “What Goes Around

  1. I get what you’re saying about Elvis and I don’t disagree, but still … I love the King. Besides, no Elvis = no John/Paul. He made The Big Noise that broke through. I know Lennon-McCartney were also influenced by Buddy Holly and the Everly Bros., but they never would have heard those other acts if not for Elvis. And where would you and I be without The Lads? (Is anyone not a Beatle fan still reading?)

    I’m glad you’re being attentive to Helen. Not for her, for you. You’re a good guy, and if you weren’t there for Helen I’m sure you would regret it.

    • Unfortunately I found no one home. A few minutes later I got a call that she had returned to the hospital. Oh, and I agree with you as well about the King…

  2. I’m glad you are getting to see your aunt. That is good. I am not really a big Elvis fan either. My father was, though.

  3. We aren’t in the same generation, so I fully understand Elvis was a phenom for just the generation gap of mine. Do you fall out of bed a lot? ;o)

  4. I wanted to go see Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes on the Green Friday night but a friend’s wife died and the wake was Friday evening over in Willimantic. 😦

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