8 comments on “Selling Phone Numbers & Slices of Pie

  1. First of all, thank you. As you know, I’m in advertising and recognize the power of social media. You’re helping my cause by getting the word about me. Just please, promise the gal in the photo has a nice waist. I really miss mine.

    Sorry to hear about your ex. That’s rough. My first True Love was in town a few weeks ago for his mom’s funeral. I know I *should* have gone to represent my mother — the two women had remained friends — but I just couldn’t do it. I sent flowers instead. I simply didn’t feel like seeing him again.

    • I was sorry that I didn’t know. I would have gone, I think. But since I’m sure her kids would have had no use for me…I just don’t know…

  2. She died? Dude…maybe you should just lay low for a while…just saying….you’ve still got the many twins and Jill.
    Gimme whiskey over vodka any time..oh..thanks for reminding me…. 🙂

  3. Honey flavored whiskey sounds a lot like a Seagram’s and Seven that was popular in my youth. Gad, that was a long time ago…. hmmm? You are such a nut. They PAID you to NEVER send in another photo? LMAO!

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