10 comments on “You Oughta Know

  1. 10.5 (Shoe size guess)

    My niece (age 22) is stuck living with her now-former boyfriend through September 1 because they can’t afford to break the lease. She’s rather sanguine about this, crashing with friends in the dorm whenever possible but also fine running into him whenever they’re both at the apartment. I’ve never been as mature as you and Kathy or my niece and her boyfriend. It’s great that you’re able to avoid so much of the ugliness that accompanies a break up.

    • Thanks but it’s a “so far so good thing.” When she either apologizes for something that I totally agreed to and at other times she is acting like nothings changed that I find strange.

  2. You get the star for the best answer to the Magic 8-Ball question. Wish I had thought of that.
    Hang in there.

  3. That is a great question to ask the 8-Ball, but it is only a measly $40 million so I would wait until it get up to a couple of hundred million.

  4. I didn’t notice the three breasted woman at first–you are getting sneaky!

    Take care! xo

  5. Actually, I heard Jill talking to someone the other day about the man she just stole. I wonder if it was you…
    Last week you mentioned something about your friends and family getting unfriended on Facebook by your latest. Apparently, I was one of those people too. wth.

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