12 comments on “The Summer of Love 1967

  1. The gas war of 1967 was a consequence of the Six Day War and the resulting Arab oil embargo. I know this shit because I’m Crazy Sam’s researcher.

    Let’s get this out of the way before Kwizgiver gets here: “Michael Clayton” is Clooney’s best work and he’s deft and lovely in it. Both “Up in the Air” and “The Descendants” were profitable, too. I know because I’m a geek with Google.

    I’m so sorry about your news. You have had such a rough go of it lately and it breaks my heart because you’re a good guy. I know because I’m an excellent judge of character.

    • I owned a car in 1967. While I’m sure you are right, it really did not effect prices until 1973. I know this because I had to choose between 45 cents in a line or go to Getty and pay 59 cents. I was working at WILI at the time and chose 59 cents so I would not be late.

      I’m glad you straightened me out. Allison, I really like him too. I stand by my point on ER and say that I was quoting a newspaper. But you gotta admit that even with your additions it’s a small list.

      Thanks. Sometimes being a “good guy” doesn’t help…

      • Bud’s right. I remember driving to college in Rochester in 1973 & early ’74 and having to do it on an even numbered day so I could buy gas on the way.

      • Sorry, Bud and Diana, but there was a gas war in 1967. It was considered a top news story of 1967 on news sites like Time and National Geographic. It didn’t last as long as the ones during the Ford/Carter years, but it was real and it had an impact because it was the first. And it makes sense. The Six Day War was a big ass deal and something like that is just going to have wide ramifications.

  2. Now Bud… be nice about George. You forgot “Out of Sight” “Good Night And Good Luck” and “O Brother, whereart Thou”

    I wish both of you the best in this transition. I’m sorry.

  3. Best wishes on the Split going down as amicability as expected. You’ve had a hell of a time these past two years.

    Also, just because I’m so old, I can remember gas costing only 30 cents a gallon when I was a teen. And that was California where it’s always been more.

    About George. “Syriana”, an excellent film, and also the hilarious, “Burn after reading”.

    Chin up! And if you can stand a HUG, there is one for ya.

  4. I am sorry about your news. You’ve had some tough times of late. I hope it doesn’t leave too big of a mark. (And I don’t remember any gas wars before the 1970s, either, so that 1967 thing was a surprise to me.)

    Wishing you all the best – and a couple of good days and nights.

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