8 comments on “Yesterday & All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

  1. Don’t you think it’s a little telling that William and Kate asked George Michael to perform a Stevie Wonder song at their wedding? I don’t imagine many bridal couples would want their first dance to be “Faith” or “I Want Your Sex.” Oh well. When he was popular, it was the 80s. People thought coke and Reaganomics were a good idea back then, too.

    Good luck with the house. I know people here in Chicagoland who thought their places were sold and then the deals fell through. I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys.

    And glad to see “three’s the charm.” I often wonder how you two are doing and hope you’re happy.

  2. My son always wants to bond with me while I am making dinner on the weekend. He puts on these stupid movies for us to watch. I think he does it so I will make more food for him to eat instead of paying attention to the movies.
    I rarely wear my wedding ring for more than a few hours a day if that much.

  3. I hate when you get a movie, and find it too stupid to finish watching. Hope your weekend is a good one!

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