12 comments on “Give or Take a Twin

  1. I would have thought, having been a DJ, the answer to the concert question would be more exciting. ;). But you explained it over on Jodi’s site. They have become less appealing the more I age.

    • That’s really it. I love small events. My wife & I saw Dennis DeYoung (Styx) & Mark Farner (Grand Funk) at summer fairs. Give me that any day…

  2. Oh, it did my heart good to see the Buckinghams mention! They were massive here in Chicagoland, and their harmonies were the best. Such romantic songs. Now Tony Orlando and Dawn were heinous. I imagine it was hard to be a DJ in those days. You had to endure some real crap. Like “Honey,” and “Seasons in the Sun.” Shudder. No one you took refuge with the twins.

  3. I was a DJ in the early-mid 80s (AM radio) and I would go bananas when I had to do the top 40 rotation over and over.

  4. The Grateful Dead is playing at Soldier Field this summer and my friend would not let her husband spend $200 on tickets. Last I hear those tickets sold out and they are going for around $1000 each.
    I suspect you may be an honorary Cubs fan this summer. 🙂

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