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  1. Oh, look at me! Thanks for the shout out! Sat 9 has been a good ride.

    I think the gays will drive the teabaggers out of the GOP. Watching IN and AR and seeing how powerful the LGBT community is with big business was really impressive. Of course, I’m just munching on popcorn and watching from the stands. I’m a died-in-the-wool, old school, unreconstituted liberal, which means I’m on the right side of history on this one.

    Tonight the MLB is starting the season within The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. I like thinking of your dad watching from above. Maybe sitting with #14, Mr. Cub!

    • Thanks! My brother is in Chicago. He texted me today and said that my dad told him to go. He was joking but me dad did pick the Cubbies this season…

  2. You did choose the right people to lead the weekend forces. And I had a feeling about those Frenchies and you.
    My son bought a 1 terabyte external just to hold all of his movies and music. That is a lot of stuff for a millennial.

  3. I am glad you’re back, I was starting to worry about you. You did choose the right people to run Sat 9 and Sunday Stealing. They do a great job.

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