16 comments on “The U Turn on the GW Bridge

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute to your father, though. You remember him with love and compassion, and that is what being human is all about. Be kind to yourself, now. Grief is hard.

  2. That was a really sweet homage to your dad. I was actually a bit surprised about the news. When my dad died I felt a lot of relief that he was out of pain and that I no longer had to be so worried about his safety and his health any longer. You take a deep breath and you go through the stages. They pass the baton on to you and then all you have left are memories. I am sorry that you dad never got to see the Cubbies win a world series. Truth is that I probably won’t either.

    Thanks for the wonderful, probably the best , comment I could ever get. You brought a tear to my eyes. I really was worried and concerned when I saw you post on facebook. I feel like I almost knew your dad.

    Take care. Count your blessings. Tell Kathy you love her. It’s okay to cry when you are ready.
    I’m sending you a big fat hug 😉

    • Our friendship means a lot to me and you know that, I hope. I think the Cubbies will win. I’ll cry to know he didn’t live to see it, but unless your Cubs are playing my Yanks, I’ll be all in for Chicago…

  3. I’m so sorry it took me so long to get over to you! Your snowflakes just kept crashing my wimpy little computer at home. But here I am at the office — with our butch indestructible business modem — and I wanted to take a moment to let you know you have been in my thoughts.

    That’s a lovely tribute to your dad. I can see his attitude of tolerance in you. You go your own way, you speak your mind, you’re confident. Some of that is just your nature, for sure, but I’m just as certain a lot of that is nurture. Dad’s nurturing. He must be so proud of you.

    I disagree with Harriet 110% about the Cubs, of course. I got to. I believe. And if this is the year we get to the Promised Land (and why not?), I will credit your dad’s Heavenly hand.

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