8 comments on “Mother Superior Jumped the Gun

    • I met a woman (through blogs/memes) who was a travel agent. I used to call her sis, cuz I was like a big bro. She lost a zillion pounds and has a great job that I can’t remember…

  1. Loved the Al Green story! On “Glory Days,” Bruce sings about a “speedball.” He wasn’t endorsing mixing hard drugs, he meant “fast ball,” but he liked the first, live take so much better than the subsequent ones that he released it “as is.” He did rather well with that “Born in the USA” album, so I suppose I shouldn’t second guess The Boss, but it’s ALWAYS annoyed me.

    Sam not only has a mom, she’s mentioned her dad, her dog and her annoying brother. Maybe someday soon I’ll let her get laid. Stay tuned.

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