19 comments on “He Was a Most Peculiar Man

  1. My aunt had dementia and when I visited her in the nursing home, she had a stack of quarters on her night table and she used to ask where all the quarters came from. The nursing staff told me that she was the nursing home’s card shark; she used to clean up at setback.

    Have you ever thought of doing podcasts?

  2. I’m laughing at your responses, love that your Dad says he was kidnapped.. And probably a wise choice on the cruise. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that family bullshit. Blech..

  3. My grandmother thought that Angela Lansbury was coming to get her when we finally had to put her in a home. She called the police and said she was outside. The mind can do strange things.

  4. How could I forget S&G? Duh….

    And I know your dad’s situation is hard, but he is funny as hell (even if unintentionally). Family is great–from a distance. I haven’t lived closer than an hour’s drive to anyone in my family in over 20 years. It’s wonderful! Except when it sucks.

  5. Not being a football girl (my Cubs use up all my sports bandwith) I had to look up Rex Ryan. I am both amused and disgusted. And judging by all the articles and spoof spotted on Google, positive I was the last to know.

    A family cruise? I’m not sure any ship is big enough to ensure me the required alone time. I can’t imagine seeing a relative every time I turned around. (Shudder.) But I’m sure your daughter had some Norman Rockwell vision when she invited you.

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