10 comments on “It’s The Galloping Gary Garage Show

  1. I loved the -30- at the end. I hadn’t seen that since the newspaper I worked for went digital. I hope the move with your father proves to be the right one. Good luck.

  2. #9 made me happy to read.

    Good luck with your dad’s move. Is he closer to one of your siblings?

  3. It sounds like things are working out a little better with your dad’s situation. I’m glad for that. So hard for everyone concerned. Awesome that you and your friends were able to get together to record again. Have a great week, Bud.

  4. Staph infections or MERSA can be deadly and are a direct reflection of people/DR taking/Perscribing antibiotics for everything….it has made infectious bugs very hard to cure. It is so nice that you were able to get together with your buddy.

  5. Shit, but you packed a lot of life into this fun little meme! A near-death experience and a reunion and a very wise assessment about a sense of humor. Nicely played, Mr. Wiser.

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