16 comments on “Just Another Day at the Office

  1. You reminded me that my college was blue and gold. 🙂

    Hope recording weekend is a true blast, with all that’s going on with your dad, you deserve some guy time.

  2. My husband has a hard time with wallets, too. He goes through about four a year. Good luck with your dad; I know it’s tough times.

  3. OK, I don’t remember you ‘fessing up at all! 😉 On the other hand, since I assume you stole from Sweet Memes, and I didn’t write any of those questions, I don’t care. So why do I have a . after my name? I think you need someone to make you a good duct-tape wallet; maybe a grandkid? Those things last forEVer!

    In 100% seriousness, I am sorry to hear about your dad’s troubles, and your troubles with the medical team. It sounds like a bit of a clusterf–k, and it’s just awful having to make decisions for parents who can’t reliably make them for themselves. I’ll be thinking about you (all) as you go forward this week. Just don’t screw up your back again, or Kathy (and the rest of the people who care about you!) might have to kill you.

    • Cat. I really thought I had told you. Once I took an entire meme & you answered the questions differently. When I pointed it out I scared you a bit. That’s when I fessed up. Better a thief than A stalker!

  4. So now you’ve once again got me wondering which sets of twins you speak of.

    Good luck with your dad. It’s a tough situation- I know well

  5. My twins are definitely getting older. For them, I hope they have each other around until they are old ladies. Sorry to hear about your dad. We are struggling with issues for both my sister and for a mother one of whom is 97 and frail as hell.

    You guys are really a handsome group of dudes, Man!

  6. Happy to see the twins again. Wondered how the old girls were doing.

    So sorry to hear about your dad. We had a similar problem with my mom. She chose the hospital she went to based on the neighborhood it was in. It was obvious to me that she wasn’t receiving optimal care there, but she wouldn’t hear it. With all those big houses, expensive cars and pretty lawns nearby, how could it not the best? Two years later, when she took ill on vacation and was rushed to an out of state hospital, they told us right away that one of the issues exacerbating her condition was a pregnancy-related hernia that had gone untreated. Her last pregnancy had been in *1966!* For Christ’s sake, how did they find something that serious in HOURS when her doctors here were stumped? So, Bud, learn from my mistake: trust your gut. If you sense your dad is not getting the treatment he deserves, speak up more forcefully than I did.

    Love seeing you as a grandpa.

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