16 comments on “How Could I Know Your Sensitive Areas?

  1. I gave that History of the Eagles DVD to several people for Christmas this year. It’s a good one. Hang in there with your dad. At least you weren’t mashed in a hay baler.

  2. How cool that Diana gave us the Eagles prompt for a week when you’re in an Eagle-y mood.

    Thanks for the update on Dad. Did he have anything to say about The Trade? Samardzja and Hammell for three *very* promising prospects. Maybe next year truly will be the year. I would have loved to listen in on negotiations between Theo Epstein and Billy Bean.

    Thanks for the brotherly advice on my post. Much of what you said was true and wise. The thing of it is, now it’s not just the money anymore — it’s the money and the seats. Ever since I saw Sir Paul up close and personal at Wrigley Field, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with nosebleed ever again.

    • I agree with you about nosebleeds The first time that I saw him I worked the concert and watched him from the stage. It was surreal. The last time (2002) I was in great seats, but it wasn’t the same.

  3. It’s fantastic that you and your friends still record!

    And I’m still sending good vibes to your Dad.

  4. I just checked Amazon streaming video and it is on there, but it is a 4 hour movie! I guess I’m going to have to wait until the next rainy day to watch it.

    Taking care of elderly parents and family members is tough. My father had a stoke that left him unable to speak, he used to rap us with his cane to get our attention and then point with it. One day when I took him out to eat at Applebees, he rapped the waitress’s butt with the cane and pointed to his empty coffee cup… I wanted to hide under the table. At least the waitress had a sense of humor.

  5. I was always amazed at what my mother could connect on especially just after she was sure there were helicopters landing in her backyard.

    So, what are the odds that Lebron gets injured in the first month back?

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