20 comments on “So Happy Together

  1. I read your comment about painting your toes as a challenge. Probably a good thing I’m not near enough to sneak into your house and do your nails in your sleep. 😉 I wonder if Kathy is bribable…..

    Sorry to hear that things are still not great with your dad. I think of you guys often and send a little prayer up for you all.

  2. Somethings, like memes, are better on Blogger. Your WTIT stuff, wordpress since you can own your own server and everything on it and thus, not worry about the bs that can accompany blogger.
    There were a lot of memes back in the day. No wonder why people quit.
    You are smart to stay out of the family drama. I had the same situation- bicker bicker bicker. I just don’t get it and I am glad.

  3. No woman has ever talked you into letting her paint your toenails, not even one?
    How awesome your wife’s businesses are doing well. As a woman of a “certain age” I’ll have to check out her make-up site.

  4. I enjoyed your answers, and I appreciated the update on your dad. I hope your visit went well. And kudos to your wife.

  5. This whole thing about your dad is so daggone sad. Hope he has better days coming for both of your sakes. I told my DH about him because Dh’s mom is in a rest home atm.

    I’m with you on the military thing. You really nailed it. I feel so different since finding out so much about all the “wars” and the take over of Hawai’i, I mean the truth about it all in College. Gah…

  6. Caleb was awesome…though we called him Meatloaf Jr. I bookmarked Kathy’s page to take a look at later. Sounds promising to me since I am beginning to be a woman of a certain age. Glad you are staying out of the family dramas, but continue to pray that things get easier.

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