13 comments on “As Time Goes By

  1. Love the then/now photos of you and your daughter. I’m so sorry for your struggles with your dad. It must be so hard to watch him drift in and out of lucidity. My heart is with you.

  2. No way! Tell Kathy congrats! I do like her videos.
    I went through a similar thing with my dad. He had cancer of the bladder toward the end. It got to the point where it wasn’t even worth taking him back for treatment because of how anxious he would get. One day at a time…one day at a time.. 🙂

  3. You know – I’ve reached a certain age and STILL haven’t seen Groundhog Day. I’s my wee sister’s favourite film. I shall see to it that it is viewed before the month/year/decade is out…..!

    So sorry to hear of your dad. My mum-in-law was diagnosed near the end with it. It’s a condition that sees family and friends suffer, too.

  4. Congrats to Kathy! Your daughter has such a beautiful smile–those are great photos of then and now. And I’m sorry your dad’s not doing well. I’ve been thinking of you and your family.

  5. Sorry to hear about your father, my aunt also had dementia. When i visited her in the nursing home she used to have stacks of quarters that she never knew where they came from. When I talked to the nurse about the quarters she told me my aunt won then in a setback game, that she was a regular card shark.

  6. Well, that could have been a cruise from Hell with the ex wife. Even on the huge ships it might be a little too close for comfort.

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