7 comments on “The Third TOT, “Three on Thursday” 333

  1. Oh, Bud! This can get so ugly. (My older sister called me “morally reprehensible” and threatened to sue me.) Please know you’re not alone and we’re always willing to listen to you vent. And don’t underestimate venting. It can help keep you sane!

  2. I’d forgotten about Pig Latin, although I was never good at it either. So sorry to hear about the family issues. That stuff sucks. I’ve had to step back my from my half-siblings because all they do is drain my energy and I always get hurt in the end. I don’t deal with them unless I have to, basically. I just always have to remember it’s their issues, not mine. I keep my side of the street clean. Hang in there, hope you can get to a spot where you can be somewhat comfortable with.

  3. Just now saw this post! I always say co-host b/c well, it is your blog ideas right? I will contact you via e-mail for more marketing ideas. I hope the issues with family get better!

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