6 comments on “Live Another Day

  1. I have to admit that Dallas was a favorite of mine back in the day, but I’ve not been able to make myself watch the new version even once. I’m rarely impressed by remakes….and you just confirmed my thoughts on this one were right.

    So sorry about all the stress with your dad and brother. It’s got to be frustrating for your dad to lose his freedom. That place sounds pretty good to me, though. Think your brother would consider adopting me and paying for me to live there? lol

  2. I love your evening line-up of TV. I would watch that.

    Sorry about your dad and brother stressing out.

  3. Now you have me wondering if Eddie Murphy or Hugh Grant was the most famous…..
    I watched so much Stooges when I was a kid that I know every line of every episode (Curley’s). Sick I tell you.

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