6 comments on “Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  1. My dad was very much like Archie Bunker. It wasn’t easy. I’ve begun watching Roseanne in reruns and really appreciate the way it portrays the working class midwest. But I remember why I never watched it the first time around — Roseanne Barr Arnold Whatever is a very unlikeable woman.

    Hawkeye was an awesome character, wasn’t he? Good but not goody-goody.

    • I enjoyed the show. I never watched it at first cuz I didn’t like her. But when I was in the hospital in ’03 they had a marathon I started to watch. I was hooked until I saw them all…

  2. Hawkeye was my first celebrity crush–my sister was a BJ Honeycut fan. 😉

    I’ve watched Idol since the first year, it was so novel when it came on. I didn’t watch last year, and am catching up with this year.

    • Last year was awful. The judges were nasty, Randy had run his course and Myrah & Nikki were lousy. Keith Urban was the only good thing and I was glad they brought him back. I love JLo, Harry is a jerk…

  3. Hawkeye was the best! I can’t believe I didn’t think of Frank Burns as the doctor I wouldn’t let touch me. Cool that you like Idol. I had just about given up on it after last year, but this year’s judges redeemed it for me. I still miss Simon. He was my secret crush. 😉

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