14 comments on “Welcome to Our Daily Battery Sale!

  1. That’s some car. One of my friend’s parents had an old, Dodge Dart that we drove around in. Ugly rusty white beast but we still thought we were cool.

  2. You’ve got awesome photos of WTiT back in the day.

    I hope your dad adjusts to his new living arrangements.

  3. Last week you gave me some very good advice about my best friend. You said that some situations just need to breathe a bit. Maybe your dad is requires more time to let this whole thing decant?

    You reminded me something about my long ago high school days. Every conversation about every upcoming date included the question, “Does he have a car?” Not a “good car,” or a “new car” or an “attractive car.” Just “a car.” If it ran, that was enough.

  4. I have another acquaintance who just had to put her mother in a nursing home. I did it myself 14 years ago. It is really, really tough.

  5. These placement issues. Homes.. etc are just too close to home atm. Lol! Someone in the side bar looks like Jack Black, but I’m guessing it’s not. Oh, preety bird!

  6. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but that car looks a lot like one my grandmother had when I was little. She and I painted it one day….mixed all the leftover paints she had, which created a lovely pinkish beige color that we applied with brushes. Please say the Budmobile wasn’t pinkish beige…that my grandmother’s car didn’t find you.

    It’s a tough situation you’re in with your dad and your brother. I hope it all gets to a point where it’s a little easier and goes a little smoother. I know it’s not your thing, but it’s mine…so I’ve said a prayer. Hope you don’t mind.

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