11 comments on “She’ll Do It For Money

  1. I like the idea of “relationship legs.” It can be hard to feel steady on your feet in an intimate relationship.

    Your house looks lovely! And big. I can see why you’d want a staff.

    It never occurred to me that meme-ing could be a paying gig. But now that you’ve planted the idea, I’m off to compile an invoice for you and Samantha Winters.

    • I don’t blame you. I was trying to be nice. When she hit me with that I nearly did a spit take. Really? It’s about the friends that you make. Have a nice day or F&%* the hell off.

  2. Oops. I forgot to count my stepsister in the sibling category. But I’ve only met her twice so perhaps I can be forgiven that. We’re not even friends, much less family.

  3. oh NYPD Blue. I forget that we can watch full seasons now of older shows. I loved that show, and missed a lot of it – thanks for the reminder! And nice house! 🙂

  4. I always said that Bud pays well. She must have believed me.
    I can’t believe how much your house looks like my old sorority house.
    You didn’t say George to score points with Kwiz did ya?

    Hope dad is okay 🙂

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