15 comments on “Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

  1. I hope you get together with Gypsy Joe. I bet it would be mean alot to you and the whole WTIT gang.

    I know you’re not a big reader, but I suggest you pick up Henry Bushkin’s memoir about his years with Johnny Carson. (You remember Bomastic Bushkin, don’t you?) It’s a fascinating book. Johnny was very complex and could be an asshole. But like with Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan, that arrogance isn’t a turn off because Carson simply was the best and he knew it. He earned and he owned it, you know?

    Glad to hear your dad is moving where he’ll be happier. The Cubs Opening Day was Friday. It wasn’t exactly successful. Maybe they’re just waiting for your dad to be tuned in before they win their first home game.

  2. I hope your gang is able to get together with Gypsy Joe! What a great reunion.

    Here’s hoping Dad is comfortable in his new surroundings–and that the pub is fun!

  3. I’m glad your dad is going to a nicer facility. I hope that helps. How interesting that you went to school with Leno. What is that they say, six degrees? And your wife sounds like a keeper.

  4. Of course Kathy’s a keeper – her name’s Kathy! LOL And interesting about Leno. Emerson? I saw him do stand up once in Somerville. Funny guy back then. 🙂 Happy Day, and good news about your Dad!

  5. I could say something cute and witty about shooting ones self in the head because they made kids clothing but, it’s very close to 5:00 and let’s face it…I gotta get somewhere … later 🙂

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