15 comments on “Dark Shadows and GO UConn!!!

  1. Up until this moment I didn’t have an NCAA team to cheer for. But now, go UConn!

    I got Sgt Pepper when I was home sick with pneumonia. I think Sir Paul would shudder if he knew the quality of phonograph that masterpiece was played on! But yes, I remember all the goodies inside. I lay in bed with my cut-out Sgt. Pepper mustache. Then, decades later, I understood the value of collectibles and cursed by bored little girl self for taking scissors to it.

  2. I remember Dark Shadows but did not race home to watch it. My favorite vampire was George Hamilton in Love at First Bite. He was the tannest vampire I ever saw.

  3. The girls are back!
    I was at a mall the other day and there was a pair of yellow submarine converse shoes. Could you even wear those outside? I know what I’d be stepping in with 4 dogs in my house…..

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