11 comments on “Nemo Should Find Me First

  1. After having been away from Sunday Stealing for so long, it’s taking me a while to get used to this new mellower side of you….but I like it. Love hearing how well things have turned out for you and Kathy.

    I’m glad your family’s found a place for your dad. That has to be a huge relief.

    • For a while I had to stop writing because I couldn’t play the same character. I miss doing it really. And while my wife didn’t care, I knew it was time just to be myself…

  2. #’s 7 and 12 are a crackup! Glad that your dad has a new place that just might be a good fit! Finally! You’ve really been through it. About stints: I ended up having none, and never thought about the amount of meds it would take to maintain them. sheesh!

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