12 comments on “The Leader of the Band

  1. I didn’t realize Holyoke had the second largest St. Pat’s parade. I know the local “Irish” pub got a special delivery of beer for this weekend.

    Still sending good thoughts your way–to you and your dad. xo

  2. You know how many people reading your post have no idea what you mean about the “previous reincarnation”? They will never know about the fun…and the Google/Blogger warning.

    Your ex sounds like a Twat.

  3. What a challenge you are going thru with your dad. Dementia ran in my Moms family and she really worried about. Maybe I should too. But what can you do?

    • Your mom should relax My maternal grand mother had dementia at eighty & she worried all her life. She’s now 90 with a perfect sense of reality…

  4. My mom’s side of the family argues about whether we’re German or Polish — depends on which regime ran that little slice of land at the time. I don’t especially want to be German (genocide and two world wars) but it seems more credible than Poland. And then I think, what the hell difference does it make?

    Your dad was such a positive force in your life and it’s obvious you’re honoring that by doing the best you can. That’s all you can do in this impossible situation.

  5. Ah, love Dan Fogelberg.
    It is a hard thing to deal with our parents aging. I am fortunate my mother is in great physical and mental health at 90, but remember watching my grandmother drift away. Hoping that they soon find the right combination of drugs that might bring him back to you a bit.

    My Saturday 9

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