14 comments on “It Took 50 Chinese Guys to Make Sense Out of It

  1. #7 made me smile because we used to have a similar place on Wabash here in the Loop. An Asian restaurant with a drink menu from like the 70s in the window. (You know, tall glasses with red liquid and umbrellas.) Anyway, we NEVER saw anyone enter or leave. EVER! So my then boyfriend and I decided to go in for a long lunch. We were the only ones in there at lunchtime, middle of the Loop, busy Christmas shopping season, and the waitstaff actually seemed kind of surprised to have us there. Dawn came slowly to this old gal, but eventually I figured out that I was surrounded by practitioners of the ancient tradition of money laundering.

  2. LMAO which restaurant was it? I miss Chinatown Cafe – they’re down on Harrison Ave. Best Gau ever. I make a point of getting it almost every time I’m home. Something I found out? When you went into Chinatown after the bars closed and ordered “cold tea”? People thought they were getting beer, they were – but it was O’Douls. You know, the non-alcoholic kind. LOL

  3. Wow, I am so naïve. I never thought about the Chinese restaurant close to me doing anything other than serving food, but there is *never* anybody eating in there. Yet it has managed to stay open for four years. :::Hitting self in head::: Of course something else is going on!

    Please hang in there with your dad. You are going through tough times so be kind to yourself.

  4. When I was little you couldn’t get me to come inside in winter and not you can’t get me to go outside. The best invention ever made… heated seats!

    • My wife (gf at the time) got me to buy her a car starter. She thought that was the best. Until we bought our house. She likes a garage even better!

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