8 comments on “Skyfall

  1. I only stream movies these days. It’s way easier for lazy turds like myself.

    Finding all of my parents things got a lot easier after we hired a lawyer. It’s amazing when they can find. That generation lived through the depression and WWII. They knew how to hide stuff…and then forget about it for us to play scavenger hunt with. You think this crap will ever happen to us?

  2. My place is such a mess. I keep meaning to get it all organized, with the important papers in the safety deposit box, just in case I drop dead or something. Cheery, huh? It’s just one of the things that occurs to you after you go through this stuff with your parents. (For what it’s worth, I’m with you on this journey, Bud.)

  3. Skyfall is such a great movie. I think I won’t watch it until my heart slows down again. lol My kids will be the ones looking for my stuff. At least I hope it won’t be my sister in law!

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