13 comments on “Throwing Chairs

  1. I really hate captcha. Those Google blogger fuzzy numbers are killing my eyes, uuggghhhh….

    I’ve scored some great deals on Amazon. It’s way better than eBay. As a matter of fact, you just reminded me to go check some stuff out now… 🙂

  2. Heck, I love the place. Who in their right mind wouldn’t love the place? But you could sent me an quarter acre via UPS. I’d pay the postage. ;o) Keeping your papa in my thoughts, Bud. What a legacy that hospital has trailed through your family’s history. gah!

  3. Thanks for the dad update. I have been thinking about you.

    Here’s some DS trivia for Kathy — Klaus Von Bulow (allegedly) shot Sunny up with insulin so he could be with Victoria Winters. REALLY! Alexandra Moltke the actress retired to become Alexandra Isles, the socialite, and hostile witness in a rather famous trial.

  4. Her own dressing room, how wonderful. My clothes are in closets and racks all over the place. No spot to call my own in my little cottage…

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