6 comments on “Radioactive

  1. Love the story about your dad’s command performance at your reception. Hate the bit about your brother. (Really hate it because I can so relate.) There’s a funny Abbey Road spoof where they’re crossing the street like always, only John is carrying Ringo and Paul is hauling George. I’d like to know if Paul would ever admit that there are two tiers of Beatle.

    • I went to a Japanese restaurant a couple of weeks ago and was shocked to see a double toilet. I thought I was in Sochi!

      You have my sympathies with your father. I am just starting that difficult journey with my 94 year old mother, who has dementia and is still able to live independently, but is losing it more and more. Glad we have places to vent!

    • Hey Gal-

      That’s a riot! George wound up holding his own particularly with his band The Traveling Willburys. But Ringo is the luckiest SOB in the history of music…

  2. Siblings true colors start to come out when a parent is going down hill- so I’ve noticed. Out of 4, I’m the only one who talks to anyone else. I remember cleaning up my mother and she was screaming at me, hitting me, and screaming for the police. Good gravy if she only knew. My dad become more passive on the other hand. As for Russia, I find it amazing how they came out ahead in the medal count at the last moment. Totally legit I’m sure.

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