2 comments on “Wednesday Morning Not 5 O’Clock

  1. May I politicize this for a moment? I was dealing with all the bills from my mom’s final hospitalization when I heard Romney’s 47% comment. Thanks to Medicare and the Medicare Part B insurance I bought her, I really ended up having to pay little. There’s the time I spent on the phone and faxing (only hospitals and insurance companies fax anymore) to get it all ironed out, but in terms of $$, so much of it was taken care of.

    Apparently, according to Romney, my family I were *dependent* on government, *victims* who believe we are *entitled* to healthcare. I’m afraid I didn’t choose my parents with an eye to the bottom line the way George Romney’s son Mitt did.

    Finances are a fact of life in the decisions you’re making. It’s unfortunate, but true. Neither you nor your sibs are young anymore. If you bankrupt yourselves to take care of your dad, who takes care of you when you’re old? It’s a vicious cycle.

    Don’t feel guilty about being concerned about the money. You have your own children and Kathy’s family to consider in all this, as well as your own standard of living. It’s not cold or harsh, it’s simply the way it is.

    And take care of yourself. You won’t do your dad any good if you’re worn down.

    (Thanks for the Sgt. Pepper reference.)

  2. Bud, I hope you and your siblings are able to get some answers soon–something that works for all of you. Keep reminding yourself that your dad isn’t acting like this on purpose.

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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