One comment on “Monday Monday

  1. My dad died in December 1991 and I still remember every horrible moment of it. He’d had a stroke and there was disagreement as to how to handle his care. He was 58 — young chronologically, but in horrible shape physically and he was never, ever going to have a full life again. My mother (who had the legal right to make decisions) and my grandmother (who couldn’t comprehend seeing a child in this state) weren’t on the same page. It was a painful time.

    I just shared that for the sake of universality. No family functions well at a time like this. And yet we all get through it somehow. Possibly by blogging about it. You’re not only expressing what’s roiling inside of you, you’re sharing your experiences so that those who went before (like me) and those who have this ahead of them won’t feel so freaky about how non-Waltons, non-Norman Rockwell the whole ordeal is.

    You keep writing. We’ll keep reading. And we’ll all be better for it.

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