15 comments on “The Cat in The Hat Spat at That

  1. Holy crap, I’m a glutton for punishment….I read all the way to the end. lol I’m a reader and book lover who had a librarian for a mother and even I found myself glassy-eyed and drooling over some of the questions. Manga? Dystopi-what-ian? Somebody was sure trying to impress someone. And yes, I do miss Thom and his bus. 😦

    • It’s just what I do. I really don’t care about impressing anyone. I just write comedy. And obviously, don’t read a lot of books. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Is getting a nurse for your dad a possibility? This is something my best friend shared with me as he went through turmoil with his family and I learned myself (the hard, painful way) that he’s right — a nurse treats the patient in front of her; she didn’t know the patient when he was happy and vibrant. It’s so much easier for a pro, if you can swing it. And it’s no less loving.

    You built this damn cyber community. If you can’t whine here, no one can. We love you, Bud. Remember that.

  3. Oh, Bud! I was going to be all funny and clever and “aw gee” about you remembering that I’m a librarian…

    And then I read about your dad. I’m so sorry–parenting our parents is hard. My heart is with you and you’re all in my prayers.

  4. A book that you’ve cried over: “War & Peace” (I dropped it on my foot) That is so dagon funny!

    You spoofed this whole thing! What a crack up!

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