12 comments on “It Don’t Come Easy

  1. I didn’t realize Jeter is almost 40.

    And I thought of you and The Gal all through the Beatles special. I love them, but not quite at the same level the two of you do. 😉

  2. I’m so sorry about what you’re going through with your dad. It must be so confusing and painful!

    I didn’t know that about Japanese ball. That gives me something to contemplate. Is it easier for Japanese pitchers to come here, or American batters to play there?

    • I’m not sure. I think coping with a new ball s hard. I understand that Tanaka has been throwing an American ball almost daily for years. I doubt the reverse is true…

  3. I thought you broke up with Jill. Haven’t heard about her in years. About the dementia thing- both of my parents went through it. My advice to you is to a) get all of the info you need out him now while he still has some memory and 2) take it one day at a time, keep him safe, count your blessings. I sure hope there is a cure for it by the time I get there. Good luck man. Growing up sucks thanks to this kind of stuff.

  4. I’m so sorry about your Dad. That is so sad.
    After my last operation for a knee replacement, I was in the recovery room for a long, long time. DH got so worried that he started asking to see me. Then, It took my brain at least two years to recover because they give you drugs so you will not remember. I know I’m a different person, moody and so serious I can’t get a joke often. My kids treat me differently, too. Hang in there Bud. Hopefully it will get better.

  5. I am sorry about your dad. My husband’s father was his best friend, and he had a difficult time accepting that he was no longer the man he was. I think that’s a very difficult thing for men to see and understand, plus it brings in that whole mortality thing for yourself. I hope you can find some peace and acceptance with your dad as he is, and hold tight to those memories of him as he was.

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