14 comments on “Papa Was No Rolling Stone

  1. OK, why did I never realize you worked for BCN before? That’s too cool! I’m sorry about your Dad, tha’ts got to be tough 😦 Enjoy him singing, though! Enjoy your visit with your son, as well. 🙂

  2. Happy Beatles 50th 🙂
    I know what you mean about other things taking over the memes. A lot of people are into the groups on facebook instead of memes and hops. Have a great rest of your weekend

    • I did miss it and I’m gonna try to be back more regularly. I wanted to reboot WTIT. How I got the members back to 5 (always the right number) and got an original guy to return after nearly 30 years away was both amazing and lucky.

  3. Have a good time with your father tonight. I know it’s hard, as we have seen a lot of this disease and it’s truly sad. Hugs to you and all who sail with you.

  4. I’m sorry about your dad. It must be hard for both of you, and his grandchildren, as well. But I remember fondly your posts about his singing, and am glad you have this time with him.

    I agree with you completely about Idol. Harry and Keith are yummy, which, of course, helps, but they are also so articulate. No “I gotta keep it real, dawg, that was pitchy” catchphrases. And JLo is … well … the contestants are all excited to see her.

    I don’t know how you handled the memes when there were dozens upon dozens of people responding each week. I try to visit everyone who links up (except for two RWNJs who earned my enmity and frankly, it’s not worth elevating my blood pressure to read them) and it eats up an enormous amount of time!

    • I never tried to comment on them all. I just picked the folks I befriended like we have done. I still just do that. I used to comment if some read my shit, but now I don’t even do that…

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your father. When my father had his stroke and I had to take care of him it was a shock, I always looked up to him, he was my rock.

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