12 comments on “You’re Sorry That You Asked Me to Do This?

    • I’ve been a fan of Smitts since his “LA Law” days. He and Alan Alda are my favorite TV actors. The last year of “West Wing” with both of them together was terrific. He saved “NYPD Blue” after the Carusso debacle.

  1. It’s like saying you bought an album. Which you can’t do any more! I still have some of my old Springsteen ones, though – I’m going to hang them up. Eventually. And NYPD Blue… ahhhhhh that was such a great show – but there were so many years that I missed. I should watch them from the beginning. I’d like that. 🙂

    • It’s even better than I remember it. I was watching the complete series (as I said They are available on Amazon (for free) if you are a Prime member.) and Kathy started to get hooked half way through the series. Now we are back to Season 1 so she can watch what she missed.

    • I understand that. But if it weren’t for the Pentagon Papers, we would never had known what really was going on in Vietnam. The free press is all we’ve got between us and the 1% getting their way.

  2. I think Eric Snowden is a patriot, too. And I feel the same about others who stand up to tyranny. NYPD must have changed a lot, eh?

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