4 comments on “Same Time Next Post

  1. Ah, Casablanca is so great. The problems of those three little people really do stick with you, don't they?I'd love to sit through your radio class. For here in Chicago, we had two very, VERY influential DJs (Brandmeier and Steve Dahl) and now they're both on the sidelines because the business landscape has SO changed. There's still a demand for both men in Chicago, at least among the boomer demo, but (I suppose) no sustainable business model. The Stever has managed to maintain his rather rabid fanbase and is doing subscription podcasts but Johnny B is selling his house. I'd love to hear Prof. Bud's explanation of What Happened?

  2. Gal-The most important measured audience is 18-34 or 25-54. Buy 50 advertisers believe that an add will not me change say soap. And they are correct. I was picked as a Nielson TV rating house recently. Until they found out my age. I was thanked abruptly and sent $3 as an "We're Sorry" money. My best guess is their audiences are too old.Also, radio stations can be owned in the hundreds. In it's hay day (before 1992) You could only own 7. So stations across the country are generic. That's why I have 13K songs on my iPod…

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