12 comments on “That’s Where I Wanna Be

  1. Oh, you spoiled Yankee fan! You expect a pitcher to WIN? Ha! Here in Chicago we have had to endure SEASONS of Carlos Zambrano. Not only does he have an 5.0 ERA, he doesn't finish games, beans batters, slugs his teammates in the dugout, calls press conferences to rag on the relievers ("we sucks"), blames the fans for his per performance ("the worst fans in the world") and even retired DURING a game. For this he's paid $18 million/year. I love my boys in Cubbie blue, I do. But Z's a freaking disgrace to the storied franchise that gave us pitchers like Fergie Jenkins and my beloved future Hall of Famer, Greg Maddux. ("There, I feel better now," the Gal says, stepping off her soap box. "Thank you.")

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