16 comments on “He Blew His Mind Out in a Car

  1. I will see you in the future! And I'm really confused about the last question: why would you post a picture on a meme and then get cranky that people use it to link back? Srsly. {smh}Love the story too. Also Cee Lo is the weirdest, coolest guy to make the charts in awhile.

  2. Love your answer to #1! The popularity of the book and movie, The Help (as opposed to HELP!, which is a very different movie) gets me thinking along the same lines. When people 40 years from now look back on us, they'll shake their heads and say, "Gays not allowed to marry? A mosque not allowed near Times Square?" It's going to sound as primitive and silly as separate bathrooms for the races.

  3. ppfffttt…….hello looneyville…(not the BCP divorce thing either)At least you were an honest thief. Oh,and I'm a minor (have been for around 30+ years) so don't steal my pictures any more.

  4. Can't stop laughing at traits of a lover – morality! rofl. And with you on #11. No good deed goes unpunished indeed. Now where are that minor's comments….

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