9 comments on “With the Fringe on Top

  1. Bud……..my favorite blogging Stud Muffin….how are you? You know I'm going to have to look that color up. If you loved me, I wouldn't have to work AFTER I comment.Stopping by from the WTF. Have a great weekend. Cya in Vegas Baby !!

  2. DJ Kathy's Bad Poetry Day Entry: With eyes the color of gongerling,My true love Bud is wondering,How he makes my heart all aflutter,Even though his mind's in the gutter…His blogging is fun but so on the fringe,Of making me laugh and making me cringe.I love him dearly, this I swear, even tho a mustache he wears.I'm glad to be back here in his life, And not to have lost him to the neighbor's wife.The End

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