8 comments on “But She Still Has The Box It Came In

  1. I love that "I still have the box it came in" line. Only difference is that I say, " I don't have my cherry, but I have the box it came in"…LOL Another fav is: "My cherry's been knocked back so far I use it as a tail light". Ha Ha !! Love ya Bud !!

  2. "She looked fantastic naked." Oh, Bud, I bet you say that to all the girls.I'm surprised a grown woman would mess with you via blog like that. You're such a good writer yourself! Why confront you in the medium you have mastered? You don't pitch to Mantle, you pitch around him.

  3. Gal-She was the first girl I ever saw naked. We were just 14.I am shocked myself. If she wanted to save the post, although she should have deleted it if it bothers her so much. Or she could have eliminated our pic and change my name. I hadn't looked at her blog in a long time. But I got tipped as soon as she did it…

  4. If that bomber were in the US he'd get a jury trial who would fail to understand that they could use all of the evidence to convict him, he'd walk and then get all kinds of offers to make big bucks.Just saying.

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