11 comments on “It’s Lady Gaga’s World

  1. LOL I couldn't stop laughing at 10. I'm gonna have to get a few people I know to really try that. Pot and Clitoris LOL I should have known. You are so right about Miss Ellie…that was the worse. Hey did you see Lady Gaga on SYTYCD last night? She reminded me of 1/2 the FT!!!

  2. I must have quit watching Dallas by the time Donna Reed came along. I don't remember her at all…or is that just a comment on her performance in the roll? My journalism profs pounded IMPARTIAL reporting into our heads. Apparently that's not so important any more. The definitions of Bud…classic. 😀

  3. I'm ok with my prudish state against foreplay. I don't really like giving or receiving it. I'd rather just jump right into the action and get it over with

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