3 comments on “27 is Too Short a Run, Goodbye Amy

  1. I have to vent a little here: I'm saddened by Amy Winehouse's death. She had some major pipes, and a lot of demons. Someone mentioned her death on Facebook, and another person commented that it's not exactly a tragedy that she died, not like the events in Norway.I'm still steaming hours after I read this. Basically, according to this person, it serves Amy right to be dead, and it would only be a tragedy if she'd been shot with 100 other people.Grrr…/ventSO. Anyway. Thanks for posting this. 😉

  2. A woman I know, who completely spun out when Michael Jackson died, sneered, "Amy Winehouse died. Big surprise." She's a friend of a friend and in the interest of harmony, I didn't say what I was thinking: "She died an inevitable junkie death at 27. That makes her twice as efficient as Jacko." Or, "At least she had the sense not to leave three children parentless." Don't even get me started on pedophilia or stealing the Beatles catalog. As near as I can tell, the only one Amy hurt was Amy.Amy Winehouse was a mega-talented young person who lost her battle with A DISEASE. Like Cat, I wonder what's with all the value judgments? How do we choose which artists are tragic losses, like Van Gogh, just too sensitive for this world and which ones do we just dismiss as losers? I'm sorry. Didn't mean to shanghai your blog. I just loved Frank and Back to Black.

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