14 comments on “>Love Stinks

  1. Feel better, Bud … I miss talking with you 🙂 Although I'm mad at you now, because I'm going to be singing about wishing to have a brain all freaking day. Thanks a lot 😉

  2. Jill's secret love's no secret anymore. #7 got me thinking (damn you, Bud, I don't come here to think!) that you're right — since there are many kinds of betrayal.

  3. Hey Crack Boy- Quit posting pictures of me!!!!You know…we were all wondering about the latest ex. Thanks for the nice comment. You are very blessed. Enjoy your 4th

  4. Basketball?? Ugh. 😉 I think it's good we like different sports; keeps all the bases covered.By the way, I too know all the words to that song, and like KLo I'll be singing it for the rest of the day. Thanks. Thanks so much!!

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