8 comments on “>For Times When Exlax is Not Enough

  1. Oh come now…Best Buy? pffft I'm sure there are many other places where you could ravage around with 1,000 bucks. Someplace that includes the FT…oh wait…it's for your Dad…my bad. I loved that last answer. “We know. But you should have.” – How true.

  2. well, i never went to kindergarten and i did go to catholic school, soooooo, there were no blocks, no balloon people to help with the alphabet EXCEPT the f***ers – the nuns – go figure!and have you ever been to the MALL OF AMERICA. i have and it's awesome! definitely go if you ever get the chance. you can meet alot of fabulous people too!good to see you Bud, hope you are well.hugs 🙂

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